The Cabinet of the Presbytery of Elizabeth is a body of Presbytery leaders that is charged with enabling the work of the Presbytery. The Cabinet fulfills this purpose by strengthening the Presbytery’s churches, agencies and ministries, by advising and coordinating the Presbytery’s decision-making process, by supporting and evaluating the work of the Presbytery’s program units, leadership and staff, and by facilitating the Presbytery’s partnership with sessions, Synod and General Assembly The Cabinet serves as an instrument of witness and ministry for Jesus Christ.

The Cabinet consists sixteen voting members, including the chair, vice chair and three other at-large members, the Moderator, Past Moderator and Moderator-elect, the chairs of the Education and Discipleship, Evangelism and Church Vitality and Outreach and Social Concerns Units, the chairs of the Committee on Ministry, the Committee on Preparation for Ministry, the Committee on Representation, Presbyterian Women, the Personnel Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Disaster Preparedness and Response team and the Trustees, a Young Adult Advisory Delegate, a representative to the Synod of the Northeast plus three additional at-large members. Other members with voice but no vote include the Transitional Leader, the Stated Clerk, the Treasurer, the Administrative Assistant to the Stated Clerk, and the chair of the Stewardship Committee.

The regular Cabinet meeting is on the first Tuesday of each month at 4:15 PM, and at such other times as may be necessary. Cabinet meetings are generally open to all unless the Cabinet determines that a sensitive issue needs to be discussed in an executive session.

The Cabinet acts on behalf of the Presbytery between Presbytery meetings in order to facilitate the effective mission and functioning of the Presbytery. Actions taken are reported to the Presbytery or brought for action, as appropriate, in accordance with Presbytery policy and the Book of Order. The Cabinet ensures, along with the Stated Clerk, that actions taken by the Presbytery are implemented. The Cabinet also insures that actions taken by units and committees are reported to the Presbytery in an appropriate fashion.

The Cabinet, along with the Stated Clerk, prepares dockets for Presbytery meetings and insures that issues requiring Presbytery action are brought to the Presbytery in an appropriate manner. The Cabinet, through the Moderator-elect and Worship and Theology Team, arranges for worship at Presbytery meetings. The Cabinet works to see that events with a broad interest are communicated to the Presbytery.

Linwood Bagby