We write to share the formal proposal from the New Jersey Missional Communities Transitions Working Group, hereafter known as NJMCTWG. As this is a “communication of the synod” [G-3.0302c] the presbytery is responsible for seeing that it is communicated to minister members, commissioners, and sessions of member churches.
In this proposal, the NJMCTWG presents its recommendations for the creation of four new presbyteries. Please take some time to read and digest the proposal. You will see that we are all being “sent” as Apostles, to new communities. This is both exciting and anxiety producing.
The request from the NMJCTWG is that the current Presbyteries would vote on this proposal this fall. There is already pre-planning in the works, and there are initiatives designed for each of the regions to which Elizabeth would be sent. The Northwest region, which will include congregations in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, is developing a mission study process. The Synod has engaged the services of a consultant for the Central region which will include Middlesex County. A group appointed by current presbytery Moderators for the Northeast region, which will include Union County, has been meeting since last fall to plan for ministry and mission.

NMJCTWG Proposal

Initial NMJCTWG Invitation