Cheryl Galan

Transitional Leader
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Rev. Cheryl D. Galan is Transitional Leader of the Presbytery.

Connecting congregations and communities through life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ that bring hope and healing to our world is Cheryl’s passion and her mission. Whether in preaching, teaching, consulting with Sessions, or supporting churches in transition, crisis or conflict, Cheryl works to deepen spiritual life, cultivate relationships and build trust.   As congregations and mid-councils navigate the challenges and opportunities of ever-changing contexts, Cheryl is leading the presbytery in a newly defined mission that opens space for new life, new growth, and new leaders to emerge.

Cheryl is a graduate of Princeton Theological seminary and Grove City College. As a pastor, she has served congregations in Ontario Center, NY and Topeka, KS. She also served congregations in central Pennsylvania, as a Christian Educator. Throughout her ministry, Cheryl has been active in a variety of presbytery leadership roles.

Cheryl is married to Jack Galan. Their son and daughter-in-law, Peter and Andrea live in Morrisville, NC. Their daughter and son-in-law, Lindsay and Zac, reside in Milwaukee, WI. Cheryl loves experiences in the arts and with nature. She is a certified yoga teacher and practices journaling, soul collage and digital photography.

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Jeremy Campbell

Jeremy T. Campbell

Stated Clerk
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Rev. Jeremy Campbell is the ecclesiastical officer of the presbytery, by the Book of Order. As such, Jeremy records the transactions of the presbytery, keeps its rolls of membership and attendance, review session records with Clerks of Session, and maintains necessary records. He serves as the parliamentarian of the presbytery and the interpreter of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Jeremy serves as staff to Cabinet, the Committee on Ministry, the Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Bills & Overtures Committee, Nominating, and the Committee to Review Session Minutes.  Jeremy is available to answer questions on polity and issues before the church.  He will work with Clerks of Session.  Contact Jeremy if you have any questions regarding officer training.

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Trudi Folkes

Trudi M. Folkes

Communications Coordinator
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Trudi is responsible for coordinating presbytery office operations in support of the leadership and units of the Presbytery. She is responsible for communications among the presbytery office, the congregations of the presbytery, and the teaching and ruling elders of the presbytery; and also manages the presbytery website and social media. Trudi also provides administrative assistance to the Transitional Leader.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Trudi is a first-generation American who prides herself on her family’s Jamaican heritage.  Trudi joined the Presbytery staff in June 2015 and has worked per-diem and full-time in the Presbyterian Church for over 12 years.  Trudi has a BS in Chemistry from St. John’s University in Queens, NY and is currently pursuing a BS in Nursing at Rutgers University.

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Terry Gleason

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Terry is responsible to the presbytery for managing its financial services, including payments to mission commitments, balancing accounts, and managing record keeping of transactions.

Terry is a member and ruling elder of Oak Tree Presbyterian Church.