The Presbytery of Elizabeth is a network connecting
pastors, elders and congregations
who walk Christ’s path together boldly and joyfully as they
fan the flames of spiritual communities, ignite the gifts
and spark the passion of teaching and ruling elders,
and stir the embers of love and justice, connecting our gifts and passion with the needs of our communities,
so that the movement of the Spirit among us may bring glory to God,
healing love to our world, and blessing to all.

Mission/Ministry Initiatives Toward Achieving Our Vision

The Elizabeth Presbytery will:

Mission/Ministry Initiative 1
Establish the Presbytery as a network of gifts and talents, resources and information, in support of congregational evangelism and mission.

Mission/Ministry Initiative 2
Support congregations going through significant and fundamental change by providing resources and assistance.

 Mission/Ministry Initiative 3
Engage our congregations in ministries with youth and young adults in our communities that enable them to experience, enjoy, and share the love of Christ.

Support the Presbyterian Youth Council (PYC) as the forum for discussion and recommendations for actions on Mission/Ministry Initiative 3.

 Mission/Ministry Initiative 4
Partner with congregations to redefine and revitalize Presbytery’s role in congregational life for the 21st century.