The Presbytery of Elizabeth
Administrative Manual
Table of Contents

Mission Statement


Position Descriptions – Officers



Stated Clerk / Secretary of the Corporation

Treasurer/Treasurer of the Corporation

Convener of Trustees / President of the Corporation

Position Descriptions – Staff

Presbytery Leader

Communications Coordinator

Contracted Positions


Commission Descriptions

Commission On Ministry

Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Commission on Representation

Greystone Legacy Commission

Permanent Judicial Commission

Trustees Commission


Standing Team Descriptions

Administration and Planning Team

Communications Team

Financial Review Team

Grants Review Team

Nominating Team

Personnel Team

Vision Team

Pro Re Nata (As needed) Team & Commission Descriptions

Bills and Overtures Team

Disaster Recovery Commission

Policies adopted by the Presbytery

Child Protection Policy

Minimum Compensation Policy (as of Jan 2018)

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Electronic Meetings Policy

Definition of Terms Used in this Manual

Team and Commission Procedures

Commission on Ministry

Validated Ministries Policy

Definitions of Pastoral Relationships

Separation Policy

Dissolving a pastoral relationship

Process for Calling a Pastor

Pulpit Supply

On Calling A Pastor PCUSA

Temporary Pastor Covenant

Commissioned Ruling Elder Covenant

Pastoral Call Form

Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Outline of CPM Process

Guidelines for sessions


Trustees Policies and Procedures

Model of License to Use Space Agreement

Fiscal Policy and Procedures


PTO Policy

Greystone Legacy Commission