Rev. Nadia Ayoub

NadiaNadia is a Mission co-worker in the Ukraine Serving at the invitation of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Carpath-Ukraine.  She was ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament on October 24, 2010. She is a minister member of the Presbytery of Elizabeth. Her home church is Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey.

About Nadia Ayoub’s ministry
In November 2010 Nadia Ayoub began a new appointment serving in the Ukraine in early childhood education. She has been under appointment of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) since 1997, serving in Central Asia first as a long-term volunteer in women’s ministry and then as a mission co-worker with various responsibilities in social services.

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E-mail from Rev. Nadia Ayoub 7-5-2014
Peace and grace in abundance to you. I pray all in the church are doing well.

Thank God life in the west part of the country is still peaceful and safe, although they are calling the young people to join the army, that is making parents worry and try to find some ways to save their children. Many families with more boys try to immigrate to other countries. With the situation in Ukraine the internet is not available all time. I admit that it is taking me much longer to adjust back to life in Ukraine. But thank God because he is victorious and gives us victory over all.

The reunion with the children was great, we celebrated Easter together and we repeated the life, death, and resurrection story of the Lord Jesus but as well we were  encouraged to await his return to take us to be with him forever. The teacher and I continued to visit the children in their homes. Thank God they are all healthy. We have a cool summer with good rain so far and I pray will continue to be like that till the VBS time that starts July 28 till August 1.

The house is not ready to bring the children for classes. There are not many jobs available, and much of the work that has been done is not in good condition and not working properly. The people who are doing the renovation are not professional and have little training, they are church members and do not allow others to work. I had the chance to have the driveway made, and a gate and fence; they are not very fancy but they are working and new. I ordered 10 church pews to be made; Zoltan the
carpenter made one and I inspected it and I pray he will be able to finish soon.

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragements and support. I pray God will encourage you more and bless you in all that you do for his glory.


Please keep the people of the Ukraine in your prayers as they face this volatile political situation. And please keep Nadia and her teachers and school in your prayers as they struggle with many challenges.