Commission on Ministry


The Commission on Ministry serves as pastor and counselor to the teaching elders of the presbytery.  COM facilitates relations among congregations, teaching elders, and the presbytery.  And, COM inquires into and seeks to settle difficulties on behalf of the presbytery when possible and expedient.


  1. Maintains open communication, visits and consults with teaching elders and Sessions, through liaisons to congregations.
  2. Reports annually to the presbytery, the type of work each minister is engaged in.
  3. Makes recommendations to the presbytery regarding the establishing and dissolving of pastoral calls and temporary pastor covenants.
  4. Counsels with churches regarding calls for permanent and temporary pastoral relations, guiding and resourcing PNCs and Search Teams.
  5. Provides for the implementation of EEO for teaching elders and candidates.
  6. Provides oversight to congregations without pastors.
  7. Is authorized by the presbytery to find in order calls issued by churches, to approved the examination of teaching elders transferring from other presbyteries, to dissolve pastoral relationships where pastor and congregation concur, and to dismiss teaching elders to other presbyteries, provided all such actions are reported to the next stated meeting of the presbytery.
  8. Promotes the peace and harmony of congregations; inquires into the sources of congregational discord, counsels with sessions concerning reported difficulties within a congregation advises the session as to appropriate actions to be taken, offering to help as mediator, and acting to correct difficulties, if requested to do so by the session or if the session is unwilling or unable to do so. (G-3.0303d)
  9. Promotes congregational health and vitality; counsels with sessions regarding their strategy for mission.
  10. Provides encouragement, guidance, and resources to congregations.
  11. Recommends minimum compensation standards for pastoral calls, Ruling Elders Commissioned to Pastoral Service, Certified Christian Educators and Certified Associate Christian Educators within the presbytery.
  12. Authorizes and trains specific ruling elders to administer or preside at the Lord’s Supper when it deems it necessary to meet the needs for the administration of the Sacrament.


The Commission on Ministry ordinarily consists of no fewer than 12 and no more than 18 members, drawn from the congregations of the presbytery.  Ordinarily the team will include both teaching and ruling elders, both male and female, and representative of the diversity of the congregations of the presbytery, in size, geography, demography, and theology.

Members of the commission are elected by the presbytery to serve a two-year term, with the option of renewal for two successive terms. For purposes of decision-making, a quorum shall be two-thirds of the members of the commission.

Spiritual Gifts, Passion and Qualifications:

  • Administrative/organizational abilities
  • Good listening skills; able to bring a non-anxious presence and to advise in difficult and complex situations
  • Wise and creative problem-solver, open to the work of the Spirit
  • Passion for cultivating leadership that can help churches thrive.
  • Able to handle confidential information appropriately.

To get in contact with COM, please email the Presbytery office at