Prayer Concerns of The Presbytery of Elizabeth

2017 Prayer Calendar

Willling to Serve himThis week we are praying for Honorably Retired Teaching Elders, Rev. Mark C. Smith* and Rev. Brooks Smith*
Week of November 19...Rev. Mark C. Smith*
Rev. Brooks Smith*
Week of November 26...Rev. John F. Stephenson, Jr.*
Rev. James F. Thomas* Rev. W. Alfred Tisdale, Jr.*
Week of December 3...Rev. James Verser*
Rev. Joseph K. Yoon*
Sessions and Congregations are invited to pray for the congregations, pastors, members and staff of the Presbytery of Elizabeth during 2016. The listing above of the churches is in alphabetical order according to towns with their respective ministers. Ministers who are retired or in specialized ministries are also listed alphabetically and noted with an *. 2017 Prayer Calendar

Health and other Personal Prayers

Rev. Frederick Black  (Honorably Retired) – Who lost his wife, Phyllis Black.

Persons experiencing depression, loneliness or addictions


Phyllis Black (Past-Moderator of the Presbytery, Ruling Elder, Metuchen) who lost her battle with lung cancer.

Presbytery Staff Prayers

Other Concerns

Please join us in prayer for our Presbyterian Mission Partners around the country and around the world making use of the Mission Yearbook of Prayer.

We are also praying for:  All lives and livelihoods affected by natural disasters in our nation and around the world † Those affected by conflict and violence † Those in our midst concerned about immigration issues † Local, state, and national governmental leaders † Presbyterian Church (USA) national staff and mission co-workers.